Monday, January 17, 2011

Balancing Act

I feel like I've been off to a good start with blogging. It seems like I'm getting an outfit post in roughly every other day, which isn't too shabby. However, with the new semester rolling in on Tuesday, there's no doubt in my mind that will change. I'm going to try to post as often as possible, and that goes for outfit posts as well. However, I'm going to be rather busy, and blogging is fairly time consuming. I suppose this will really be the test of my time management skills. I'm usually on top of things, but I do have a pretty semester ahead of me. 

Anyway, it was fairly gloomy out today (typical Northern California weather), but beautiful none the less. I almost thought the rain would prohibit a quick photo shoot, but luckily it was really only a drizzle.
Today was definitely a mish-mash of clothing pairings. I sort of grabbed whatever I felt like wearing and put it on. I feel like it went together. I of course had to throw on the thrifted bag and booties because I honestly feel a little guilty when I don't wear anything thrifted. I really would like to own more pieces from thrift stores. 

I like the way the shots turned out today--some of them feel pretty cinematic. As a film student, how can I not love that? I especially love what the rain and general climate in Northern California do to my hair. Back home in the Southern part of the state my hair feels pretty flat. 

So anyway, as a quick little add on, these photos were taken in a quiet little spot on my campus, where I often go when I need some alone time. There are some neat sculptures, and the overall feeling is quite serene. 

Anyway folks, I am exhausted. If you have Monday off school or work, I hope you have a nice relaxing day. 

Photos by Keaton

Skirt, belt & cardigan:F21
Boots & purse: thrifted
Top & Coat: Modcloth
Tights: Target

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